Success Happens Over Nights Tee (Black)

$18.00 USD

The fact remains it takes
hard work and dedication
a relentless persistence
and discipline to stay consistent
while never doubting yourself for an instant...
the thought of sleep is so distant.
You know it's going to take time to reach the finish line
But with that you're fine
because this dream is your whole existence.
Days turn into nights, nights turn into days
but you wouldn't have it any other way.
Your passion keeps you going when others quit
and you've come to find that instant gratification doesn't equal fulfillment.
You've put in hours upon hours to master your craft.
For some it doesn't add up
but to you it's simple math.
Keep up the good work
keep fighting the good fight
and always remember patience is a virtue and

Bottom of the tee details The Ivorys woven tag.

- 50% Poly/ 50% Cotton
- Not pre-shrunk
- Manufactured and printed in Los Angeles
- Color: Black