Lazy Days Are Forever Behind Me Tee

$28.00 USD

I remember I use to say I'd do it later but later never came

Then one day I woke up and realized I need to change and rearrange my brain

I need to get off of the couch, I need to turn off the TV

I need to get out into the world and become who I'm supposed to be 100% me

You see I've been living at 50% thus far wondering why my dreams and goals still seemed so far away..

Finally I found a way… and today I'm proud to say my LAZY DAYS ARE FOREVER BEHIND ME

No longer do I wish I could rewind me

I realize every moment is precious and I won't waste one

I realize everyday is an opportunity to make something out of nothing

I've decided to live my life all in

I stopped waiting around for permission and started to lead

I stopped making excuses and started to see that the common denominator always has been and will always be ME

and as long as I give it all I have there is nothing I can't achieve.

Lazy Days Are Forever Behind Me.

I'm focused.
Bottom of the tee details The Ivorys woven tag.

Front side of tee details "FOCUSED" graphic. Back side of tee details the phrase "Lazy Days Are Forever Behind Me."

- 50% Poly/ 50% Cotton
- Not pre-shrunk
- Manufactured and printed in Los Angeles
- Color: Creme