The World Goes to The Doers Pencil Set

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The World Goes to The Doers

Some sit around and hope things go their way
Others get up and make it happen
Because in their eyes there's no other way
Some sit around and plan plan plan and never take action
Others visualize what they want
Then immediately take a step in the right direction
Some give reasons why "it won't work"
Others just "do work"
Please understand fear and second guessing only cause delays
Stop over thinking it and ATTACK THE DAY!!!
The World Goes to The Doers

These are USA Made, 1st Quality, #2 lead, wood cased, full-length, unsharpened, hexagonal pencils with light gold ferrules and pink erasers. These pencils write smooth and erasers are latex-free.

4 black pencils included in the set. "The World Goes to The Doers" printed in gold lettering.