The Journey Tee

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Back of tee reads:
"60 plus hours a week at your 9 to 5
Peanut butter and jelly for lunch every time
No movies, no clubs, no social life
Just hard work, dedication and extra long nights
Friends wonder why you do it
Naysayers can't wait for you to fail
In the beginning you get rejected
More than you get accepted
But one day soon you know you'll prevail
Time goes by and you keep pushing
Credit cards maxed out
Now you're putting in 70 hours a week
The extra income is used to fund your dreams
You're at every event in town just connect with folks
Shake hands, take pictures, then post
Just to show friends and family the growth
Sometimes 2 to 3 hours of sleep at most
Most would fall and crumble but naw not you
You'll do whatever it takes to see your dreams come true." -Ernest Ivory

Bottom of the tee details The Ivorys woven tag.

Front side of tee details "The Journey" graphic in the upper left chest corner.

Back of tee details "The Journey" poem above.

- Shirts are 100% Fine Jersey Cotton
- Not pre-shrunk
- Color: Black